WHMCS Seo Module

You should have completely original content, and meta tags in order to raise in search engines. WHMCS SEO MODULE is able to interfere all of your pages inside admin panel of WHMCS easily, you could specify different titles, descriptions and keywords for different pages! Obtain more visitors and customers!

  • You can easily create HTML meta tags for all your dynamic and static pages with WHMCSLAB WHMCS Seo Module.
  • Since all the operations are run with AJAX you can manage your tags without wasting time.
  • You can define title, description and keywords for all announcements, articles and categories on your WHMCS system.
  • With Analytics and Control feature of WHMCSLAB Seo Module you can easily spot and polish the faulty entries.


  • Creating Unlimited Pages : You could create unlimited pages through your management panel. All you need to do is entering page extension and the meta tags you want to enter.
  • Different meta informations on every single page : Every single page you create is able to contain different title, description and keywords, so that it provides a great seo optimization!
  • Advanced "Announcements" Headlines : Headlines of published announcements are turned into SEO optimization compatible. Moreover, you could make difference by entering custom informations to announcements.
  • Advanced "Product" Headlines : You could provide your product pages and product groups to appear on upper stages in search engines by specifying custom meta tags. Furthermore, you could make difference by specifying your custom keywords on creating pages for your products and product groups!
  • Applicable to All Sub-Categories : You could enter same meta informations for your dynamic pages which have the same file name, also if you want, you could enter different meta informations for your dynamic pages which have the same file name and called by different url.
  • Advanced "Knowledgebase" Headlines : Articles and texts* in your articles of knowledgebase archive could be shown inside the page, page titles and as keywords and description. In this way, you could obtain visitors with your articles, too!

WHMCS Seo Module (Screenshots)

Approach to the top in search engines, you need to have an original content and meta tags. WHMCS SEO MODULE is able to interfere all of your pages inside admin panel of WHMCS easily, you could specify different titles, descriptions and keywords for different pages! Obtain more visitors and customers! With the plugin that makes it possible to enter and manage different titles and meta tags for each pages, you could make your site appropriate for google and other search engine bots.

WHMCS Seo Module (Changelog)


  • Adapted to WHMCS 7.5.1
  • Announcements deletion bug fixed.
  • Sign-In page fixed.
  • Encoded with Ioncube 10.x
  • Custom lang supported.
  • Friendly URLs supported.
  • Theme is revamped for 7.5.1


  • Adapted to WHMCS 7.1.
  • Announcements bug fixed.
  • Knowledgebase bugs fixed.
  • Module theme is revamped.


  • Meta tags are removed in case of empty keywords or description.


  • Adapted to WHMCS 6.
  • In place seo field definition for Knowledgebase Categories and Articles, Announcements.
  • Code structure is build on AJAX.Easy management and user friendly features are provided.
  • Analytics and error notification feature is added.
  • Paging problem is solved.
  • Bulk operation feature is added.
  • 3 different options for title are defined.Company name display is made user selectable.
  • Separator between the company name and title field in title tag has become customizable.
  • Feedback feature is added.


  • Module theme is revamped.
  • SEO FRIENDLY Url support is added.
  • Adapted to WHMCS 5.X versions.
  • Company name is shown in title.

WHMCS Seo Module (FAQ)


Installation is quite easy. All you have to do is to load the files from FTP and activate the module from WHMCS Admin panel. You can find installation data in the module files sent to you.
Our module is developed in English, Turkish, Italian, German, Portuguese and French; you can select the language from module settings. If you wish, you can create a custom language file and have all data changed
Unfortunately not, instead we offer 100% refund guarantee. You may receive the full price you paid within 15 days following the date of purchase.
Updates within the annual license option are fully free. For the life-time license option, a small annual fee is charged for support and update services. Further information concerning this is provided in the order page.
You will receive e-mail notifications when new versions are released. In addition, general notifications will be made through our Facebook and Twitter accounts.
No, your module is licensed for only 1 site. If you change domain and ip, you need to get it licensed to your new domain by making reissue from your client panel.
You can add a page with "Add New Page" link on module management page in your admin panel. Examples of the information areas in adding page; Page: (You need to enter a name of page name here: for example "index.php") Title: You need to enter a "title" that you want to appear on the page title: for example "WHMCSLAB - Home page Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting" Keywords: Enter keywords here: for example "vps hosting, vps host, ücretsiz host, linux hosting, web hosting, reseller hosting" Description: Enter description information here: for example "The best web hosting provider".
No, for example after entering seo informations to cart.php, sub-categories like cart.php?gid=1 will work with entered informations added before on cart.php automatically. Another great feature of our module is using both this feature and making difference by adding custom seo informations in the pages that added for product groups such as cart.php?gid=15.

WHMCS Seo Module Pricing Tables & Order

License Type Type of license that can be used indefinitely * Type of license that can be used annually
Unlimited Pages
All Properties
Setup Free
Support Unlimited Email/Ticket Support ** Unlimited Email/Ticket Support
Unlimited Reissue
Updates 1 Year Included ** Lifetime and Free
All of our licenses come with an unconditional 15 day return guarantee
* By purchasing the life-time license, you will only make a single payment for WHMCS Seo Module.
** The life-time license option comes with a free-of-charge support package and update package valid for 1 year following your purchase. At the end of the 1 year period, an annual cost of 5 USD is charged for taking advantage of these services and all following updates. In order to take advantage of these updates, you will be charged only 5 USD for a year. As promised, for the first year you will only pay the life-time license fee and no further payment will be required. Only at the end of the 1 year period, you can pay the annual fee if you want to take advantage of the innovations and keep on receiving technical support. In this way, the life-long license becomes cheaper than the annual license option, by the end of the next year.